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Welcome to Twikipedia


There is a single purpose to Twikipedia. To compile Twitterspeak so that we have a single site to contemplate the ridiculous nature of a small portion of the universe.  Sort of like Comedy Central.


So just enter your Twitterspeak with a definition here and we'll compile it.  Then puzzle over why anyone in their right mind would "talk" Twitterspeak.


There are two other sites "devoted" to Twitterspeak  Twictionary and Twittonary - The CRM Playaz (that would be us) applaud them for being more foresighted than us about how nuts the whole idea of Twitterspeak (not Twitter, which is a GREAT idea) is.  Check them out as an additional source


Here's all the alphabetical page links: 

A-Tv  Tw  Tx-Z






Feb 2009  -Twitzerland - What you say you're like if you are completely neutral in the midst of a highly controversial convo.  (Thanks to Scott McKay who coined this here)

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