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adventuritter: an adventurous twitterer (source: Mashable)


beetweet: a buzzing tweet; a “hot” tweet (source: Mashable)


co-twitterer: a partner that tweets on your Twitter account (source: Mashable)


dweet: tweet sent while intoxicated (source: Mashable)


drive-by-tweet: a quick post inbetween tasks (source: Mashable)


friendapalooza: a quick burst of friend-adding (source: Mashable)


Greentweets International: Well-meaning organizers of the Save the Fail Whales campaign (source: Mashable)


mistweet: a tweet in which one later regrets (source: Mashable)


neweeter: a new tweeter (source: Mashable)


occasionitter: an occasional tweeter (source: Mashable)


politweeter: a political tweeter (source: Mashable)


politweet: a political tweet (source: Mashable)


qwitter: a tool used to catch twitter quitters- UseQuitter.com (source: Mashable)


reportwitters: reporter style twitterers (source: Mashable)


sweeple: sweet twitter people (source: Mashable)

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